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ZAYNAB KHAN, CMHA Hal-Dart Coffee House Volunteer

“I have been listening to her music for a couple years, and every time I hear her sing I am captivated by her voice. She is talented and extremely passionate about her music career. Gizelle has written many songs with lyrics that I can relate to, and she sings with such strong emotion in her voice. These lyrics and ways of singing bring out many feelings for me such as happiness, sadness and relaxation. When I listen to Gizelle’s lyrics I feel less alone in this world as it reminds me that there are people out there who have similar situations to my own.”

1+1=, Acoustic Showstorm Tour 2018 Support Act

Gizelle has a country folk style that comes with a grown-up innocence. Her music has a little of her back-home sound but in her own feel. - 1+1=, acoustic Showstorm tour 2018 Support act

LIAM NEALE, Musikki Café Entertainment Booker

“I first met Gizelle in December 2018 when she performed at Musiikki Cafe. When she first sent me a booking request I was impressed by the level of energy in her live videos and was quite excited to work with her. When she sent me the lineup, I admit I was a bit concerned, as a 5-act bill poses a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong, however, on the night of the show, Gizelle was extremely professional and ran the entire show without a hitch. Beyond that her performance was stellar; a mixture of both high energy folk, and slower more intimate songs. The attendees loved it, and she was able to draw and keep a crowd better than many artists I’ve worked with. I’m excited to work with her again in the future and would suggest the same for any other live music curator.”

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